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Welcome to Colour Studio

Express yourself through COLOUR

See your best self every day with 3 different colour experiences. 

Colour analysis empowers your self-expression through your colour knowledge and your natural style choices. 

Understand and empower yourself with colour-code. Understand your wardrobe to highlight and support your emotions.

Design a purposeful wardrobe to support the planet and reflect your true self. 

Save the polluted planet, and go shopping

80% of women, only wear 20% of their wardrobe

Imagine the environmental impact of less clothes landfill, knowing you look your best every single day and you wear ALL your clothes.

Colour analysis means fashion fads don’t matter because you know what suits you and how colour makes you feel. Learn to express you forever more. 

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I invite you to make today about you

Our Services

Individuals, Team or Groups. You are invited to into your greatness with Colour. 

Colour Analysis so you walk taller, feeling brighter.

Empower your goals through knowing the emotions and power behind colour with Colour-code

Designing your Purposeful wardrobe, when you feel great about all you have, nothing is wasteful. 

Colour Analysis

You should be the star of the show not your clothes. Find out how colour highlights all you deserve to be.


Colour-code supports your emotions in a fun way by understanding the emotional meaning behind colour.

Purposeful clothes

Clothes without purpose have no purpose. Together let's create a wardrobe that truly reflects how you want to show up every day.

Colourful cocktail

The complete colour experience includes all three services: Colour-analysis, Colour-code and Wearable wardrobe
How it works

Easy steps to a bright future

Steps to discovering how colour is truly an expression of you, once you know the language of colour.


Choose your colour experience

Colour Analysis 
Colour Code                                        Purposeful wardrobe


Expression services

Which colour experience do you want to start with? 

Wearable Colour, Empowerment, Wardrobes. It’s up to you. 


Make an Appointment

Clicking the link below to book or contact.

Upcoming events

Like a good cocktail we believe good events have the following ingredients regardless of the topic:






We have private events designed for you. Quarterly events, and our clients VIP events. And if you have an amazing idea lets do it!

March 2022

Let's step back outside out-doors without our pajamas on or our tail between our legs. 

April 2022

Eco-dressing means mindful wardrobes that you actually wear. Purposeful clothes.

May 2022

Step into spring with the colour code and cocktails. This is all about red and having fun.

My Story

A snippet of me

I’m all about the ínside outside approach to everything in life. There is no point in looking amazing if you feel rubbish. And if you feel amazing you deserve to look amazing too!

You need the inside-outside loop. 

I started my career in fashion, looped into inner  health and nutrition. But I realised neither was better than the other in isolation. We all need the outside AND inside.

In fashion I was lucky to dress many people including Yoko Ono.

In health I designed nutrition and wellbeing for people and TV.

In mindset I had the grace of learning directly from the worlds leader in ‘human potential’; Bob Proctor. 


We believe in giving back and supporting people

We care for people... join us with purpose.

Purposeful wardrobes go beyond just yourself. Purpose connects you to positively impacting others too. Every women deserves to shine regardless of their circumstance. Expression is everyones human right. 

We donate our time and your unwanted clothes to providing free events that empower immigrants, refugees and women’s futures. Regardless of income, every person deserves the freedom to express themselves through style. When we feel more confident new doors open.  Interested Charities and groups click below 

Today is about you.

Step out your door every single day to express yourself without words. 

“I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for”.

– Artist Georgia O’keeffe

Discover services

Colour Expressions

Outside and Inside; both are of equal importance. 

Colour Analysis

2 meetings; 1experience
Studio/ or mobile Studio.
Which colours bring out your best-self.
Have fun with make-up, glasses, and more.


Reserve 1 hour.
Learn which colours empower you toward your goals. Understand how colour can be a language.

Because you have permission to shine

Just like clothes ‘done well’, life happens in layers. Today I invite you into creating layers of positive expression.

Your own ‘Expression Studio’ experience is simply for you to give yourself permission to do something for yourself!  Inside your time there are layers of opportunity from colours, to make-up tips (evenif you’re not a makeup ‘gal’, to wardrobe tips and even empowerment tools to support your goals.   Most of all for it to be fun.

Kind comments

What real people say.

I absolutely enjoyed working with Sara! The way she approaches the world of color is unique! I felt like a lady again, inspired to shake the routine a bit and go for brighter tones, and all the lovely shades of blue! After a long time, the girl in me was revived.

Vesna Rajnoha Switzerland

So much more than color. Sara’s warm authentic and presence makes you feel at ease to enjoy this special treat. Seeing myself already as someone who tries to wear many colors I was surprised how several colors I wouldn’t choose myself actually really making me shine.

Lise Van-Passel Switzerland

I had the pleasure of working with Sara. I was delighted to be able to entrust the nutritional component of a body-transformation programme deployed on Fit for Fashion™, a Asia TV reality show which reached over 6 million people.

Simon Flint Singapore

I couldn't believe the colours that suited me. It was such a surprise but once I saw them under my face it made such a big difference. For once I did something that truly impacts me for the rest of my life and something fun.

Alicia Plaza Baos Switzerland

    Alliances, companies and professional experience .